Happy Thanksgiving!

Look at all the blessings around you.
Things you never thought of before.

Your friends and family.
You're home.
The meals you've been blessed with.
Your clothes.
Your shoes.
The computer in front of you.
The air you breathe.
The freedom you have.

The freedom you have to hope....
to believe.
Life is so amazing that way.
We are blessed with so many things, and yet we still look around at our inconveniences more than our blessings. I'm not saying we don't have inconveniences, that would be living in denial. But we still have blessings. We still have things to be thankful for.
Some more than others, but not in the way you may think.
Not money or fame.

The blessing of life.
That one word of encouragement that helped you to hold on to your dream.
That one hug that got you through some hard times.
That small gesture of kindness that taught you to love.
Your hopes and dreams are blessings to get you through your trials.
Don't give up.
It's easier to look at what you want or need instead of at what you have.
What else has the world taught us?
But this Thanksgiving, don't forget to look around and thank God for everything around you.
Thank Him even for your trials, the things you've been through and He's gone with you. Because those things are making you who you are. And God sees that. He sees beyond it to your heart.
He sees the real you.
And He loves you.
So, Happy Thanksgiving.
I pray it's a wonderful one.
Be blessed and give thanks.


And she's just wondering...

Because there's so much I don't understand. And so much I'll probably never understand. Things my finite mind was not meant to comprehend. But I still wonder...I still think...

"The things that cannot be put into words are the most important in life..."

Think about it...my friend Kristie said that to me. And when you think about it, it's true.
Can you really express those things in words? It's something you experience.

A wise praise team leader once said:

"To understand love, you have to experience love..."

I'm sure we would all agree with that. No one really understands love until they experience it. They may understand the concept of love. But love itself? It's something beyond just feeling or actions. It's beyond reason. Something you cannot explain.

The same man finished that quote with:

"...to understand God, you have to experience God."
Because God is love.

Experience God? What in the world is that?
How can I put this into other words?
It's like, feeling His presence. Knowing His loving arms are surrounding you, protecting you.
Knowing that you are in a relationship, not a religion.
Something that changes your heart, not just your mind.
"Trastornando mi mundo" is experiencing God.

"Jesus wrecked my life..."
And it's never been better.

God is love.
And love is real.



This blog is likely to be bold, outright, and direct.
Perhaps you would call it fanatical at some points.

We would like to warn the viewers that discretion is advised.
For those who are faint of heart, please go to another website.
For those prone to guilty conscience, this will not help.
For those without an open mind, a softer reading would probably be preferred.

Basically, this stuff is for real.
No sugar-coated, day-to-day, superficial stuff.
This is life.
Out loud.

And it's a life dedicated to the God of the Universe.
Maybe you know Him by Yahweh, Adonai, El Shaddai, Shekinah Glory...
Or maybe just Lord.

This is about the things He has done in a teenage girl's life.
And in the lives of those around her.
They may not seem to astounding to you at times, but they have Eternal Significance.

She's got a purpose, and she's living it out.

So here's just a fair warning:
She's on fire for Him...
and it's contagious.

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