Somewhat like an Epiphany

I'm sensing a shift in perspective.
Or maybe understanding or sight.
So staunchly before perceiving truth,
discerning what was right.
No lesser there do I grow
in my knowledge and understanding
(ever drawn and guided by the Word,
its Light therein).
But suddenly beauty bursts forth in everything.
And creation groans
for the revelation of the sons of God.
They seek the light,
but blind eyes knowing not where to look
(light gives heat,
turning their face toward,
hearts inclined)
they express their anguish
and their yearning
in book and song and rhyme.
Hiddeness and metaphor.
Beauty, depth and questioning
from inmost of the soul,
reflections of His endowed creativity.
I am learning to see.
To perceive Truth.
To not shoot down the world's expressions,
but to see them truly,
to their root.
To see their motivation and true question.
And in that seeing, undisguised,
I do not condemn,
but have compassion on them
And here the Love of God is able to follow,
Perhaps a shift in understanding,
though here I lightly tread,
in seeing the world not as an enemy,
but as lost and broken instead.
Not as a theif bent to corrupt,
but corrupted by dark lies...
waiting to find Truth,
and know Love.
(At least their souls' intent,
though the heart knows it not.)

-Are we not to be light?- 
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