You Know it's Funny...

At a glance you could look up and see a gray cloud. Then the melancholy foreboding would come over you as a response to the "sure sign" of rain.

But all it would take is to look around the building, the obstruction, the obstacle, to see what there is a brilliant sunset in motion on the other side, just beyond your vision. The sun brightly shines a radiant gold onto everything, enriching every color. The clouds turn bright pink near the sun as shafts of the tinted light burst through every opening, singing an eloquent melody of sweet hues across the sky. And it's then you realize...

the clouds were never gray.
They were purple.

The pink light sweeps across the entire sky, catching on the light, brush-stroked clouds. And I wonder how the sun can reach the sky behind me even when sinking so low.
Do the clouds change color in space? Or is it all part of our perception? Would that mean no two people can ever see the same sunset, even when standing next to one another?

What makes the sun "go down" is the fact that we are actually revolving and rotating. It's still there, we are just slowly turning away from it. Even on the other side of the world the sun rises on the east and sets in the west.

I wonder if there's any significance to that...

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