The Story Hasn't Ended

It has been three years. 
Which is, frankly, unbelievable. 

Since my last entry in 2012:
I have graduated with a Bachelor's in Theology and a minor in English.
I have moved to FL, back to SC, and back to FL again. 
And, most importantly, I got married. (Happily since 1.4.14!)

I was inspired to "turn the pages" on my virtual journals (aka blogs) this morning. Something I do from time to time to revisit and remember. The good and the bad are zoomed out in particular view. It builds a huge amount of gratitude in my heart to see the "lovely traces" of God's grace interwoven throughout my life.

“By keeping a record of my experiences, I live my life twice over. The past returns to me. The future is always with me.” -Eugène Delacroix

But imagine my utter distress when I found out that one blog might be totally gone and the other inaccessible! If we should thank anyone for this post... it would be my mom. I wouldn't have been able to sign back in to either blog without her help. She saved two journals for me today!

I came to write... not to start all over again and revive this blog, but to say that the story isn't over. 

This blog is really just one of my journals. 

It had it's purpose, intermingled with a unique flavor and style bespoken of the time it was written in.
And now we have reached the last page.

I want to thank everyone who ever read this blog and made my day with a comment or two. I really appreciate your support and feedback. It still cracks me up that my most viewed post ever is the Dirty Mop Water one. Ha! (If you're curious what that entry could entail, you can click here for that.)

For those who are wandering through by old paths or curiosity... thanks for stopping by. Feel free to flit through these pages. I hope some of the words I have written are meaningful and encouraging to you. I know I'll be back to read them for myself from time to time.

As for my current story... you can see that here. ˂˂˂

This blog started with a fiery warningIt spans five years and entails my last two full years in the Dominican Republic, and ends somewhere during my first two years of college. Significant transitions, so much learning. And it is fitting to close it with.... what? I never know how to end my journals, except with a prayer. It seems to me that the Only One deserving of the final note is the Man who saved my soul.

Jesus, I have learned so much, yet I still know so little. You are teaching me day by day how important community is. Doing life in intimate honesty with those around me, learning to love more and more, to use my time on this earth wisely... And yet, foremost, I am always and ever coming back to the fact that it is all hinged on my relationship with You. It is meaningless apart from You. This isn't some melodramatic, sappy, puppy-love kind of "meaningless apart from You" -- this is life and death. It is the truth. I need You in my life. Your love is better than the sweetest wine. Your faithfulness is unfailing. Your patience, unwavering. Your goodness, untiring. Your kindness, I know, is how I've made it this far. And I'm so thankful that you watch my steps - though I stumble, I will not fall, for You are holding my hand. (Psalm 37-23-24) Thank You for inspiring me to write. I pray that You might use it for Your glory.

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