This blog is likely to be bold, outright, and direct.
Perhaps you would call it fanatical at some points.

We would like to warn the viewers that discretion is advised.
For those who are faint of heart, please go to another website.
For those prone to guilty conscience, this will not help.
For those without an open mind, a softer reading would probably be preferred.

Basically, this stuff is for real.
No sugar-coated, day-to-day, superficial stuff.
This is life.
Out loud.

And it's a life dedicated to the God of the Universe.
Maybe you know Him by Yahweh, Adonai, El Shaddai, Shekinah Glory...
Or maybe just Lord.

This is about the things He has done in a teenage girl's life.
And in the lives of those around her.
They may not seem to astounding to you at times, but they have Eternal Significance.

She's got a purpose, and she's living it out.

So here's just a fair warning:
She's on fire for Him...
and it's contagious.


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