Renovation to Renewal

It seems this renovation of my heart and mind has been going on for quite some time now... and may it never stop until it's finished.

On the one hand, I feel as if I owe some sort of explanation for my lack of posting in several months. On the other hand, I don't really have to justify it at all. Still, I suppose it is worth noting that any inconsistency seen here could be related to the inconsistency within my own life. I had a sinking suspicion that my lack of writing as of late (not just here but in my own journals) has been due to some issue that needs to be taken care of within me.

Perhaps to some, this lack of writing for a few months (or sparsely writing for the last six months) is not really a big deal. But I have kept a journal since I was in kindergarten. So, not writing is pretty much a red flag in my book.

However, my lack of writing could be attributed to the fact that I have been swamped with school work this past year... in which I have written well over 75,000 words. To put that another way, if I took all the assignments I've written for my classes, I could make a 300 page book. An appreciable accomplishment, I think. Of course, the semester isn't over yet... so I might add a few dozen pages yet to that book.

Gracious, with that in mind, I don't really feel bad at all for not writing here. In fact, you still might not hear from me consistently... it all depends really. I could probably get rid of a few things that tend to take up my time. Trash my phone... But, of course, I need to be realistic. Or maybe I don't?

God is currently teaching me that it's not just about prioritizing Him. It's not a list with Jesus at the top as Number One. No, as a friend put it, He is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He is not just number one, He is the Only One. My entire heart and life devoted completely and wholly to Him... out of which the rest of my life flows.

Whatever that looks like...


Cara said...

Hey sweet lady! I found your blog via She Smiles, She Writes and I'm SO GLAD that I did! I love finding sisters in Christ writing about their lives and love for the Lord in this blogosphere. It's like finding a diamond in the rough! I'm your newest follower! xoxo

a girl with a smile said...

My soul resonates with this post

JoshuaMB said...

I think you should make a book out of your blog. I'm sure it would be at the top of most best seller lists in no time at all. You definitely have a gift for writing.

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