Thank You, Lord...

O my soul, rejoice!

As I look back through my prayer journal for the year 2009 I can the see the mark of God's faithfulness over and over again. He has been with me every step of the way. He never left my side. And I am thankful... you can see it splashed most every page.

In this year 2009, what have I learned?
I will take an excerpt from one of my prayers this summer:

I will forgive; You forgave me.
I will let go; You're in control.
I will believe; You are trustworthy.
I will be patient; it is a virtue and pleasing to You.
I will have joy, for You are my salvation.
I will remain; You will never let me go.
I will persevere, for you have promised a crown of life.
I will trust; You are faithful.
I will sing; You sing over me.
I will be still; You are God.
I will pray, for You hear me.
I will glorify; You are King.
I will please; for it is my deepest desire.
I will walk confidently in my steps; You have told me so.
I will love; You have loved me first.

Any more to add?
I will dance before You just like King David, for he was a man after Your own heart. I will wait on You and not waste this time; what You offer is worth waiting for. I will rejoice always; You have brought me to life. I will live free, for who the Son sets free is free indeed. And above all: I will focus on my relationship with You, for that is all that matters. May this vapor of a life be a glorifying flash of light for the One who made me.

Thank You for an amazing year, Lord.
Do Your will in the next.

I love You, Abba.


Pretty Lady said...

Beautiful. Glad I met u in 2009

excel958 said...

His grace is beyond all logical faculties of the human mind. Why would such an infinite God (as limited as our idea of that even is) desire us and love us? Why would he be faithful to us? Why would such a God in some way be submissive to us?

I think those are facets of love. And in that, love goes beyond all rationality of the human mind.

God is indeed love, and when such an entity like God acts in his ways to us, he is loving us. Likewise, it is indeed a blessing to be able to reciprocate love back to him as well as others in life. For when we love, we are achieving an aspect of the divine.

Excellent post. =)

Will said...

I will revere You; it is were wisdom starts.
I will worship; You are worthy.
I will be content; Your grace is enough.

Love this post.
Wishing you a memorable blessed year!

Anonymous said...

Hey, i was looking at my zanga, since I basically never get on there and looked at a message I had received from you (a WHILE back, like 3 yrs...). I was wondering if you still wanted to chat sometime, since i didnt get to take advantage of that before. I would understand if you didnt want to since you probably dont remember me and probably have plent of other people to talk to. Just thought i would track you down and ask. :) So you know (you wanted to know this in your message you sent me), My name is Tim Blevins, im 25 (now... lol), my belief system is that im a christian and strive to live a life in accordance to how we are called to live (if that is what you meant... lol). And what i like to do, sports, movies and alot of other stuff. Hope to talk to you. :) my email is tjblevin08@yahoo.com or you can look me up on facebook if you have that (Tim Blevins from Ole Miss).

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