While doing a project this summer with my mom at my great aunt's house, I began to ponder...

There are two reasons why people should clean, garden, or mow the lawn (beside the fact that they are getting something done).
  1. It provides physical stimulation.
  2. It provides mental stimulation.
When you work you have time to think; which is seemingly an unpopular occurrence now-a-days.
Consider it.
Work involves many repetitive motions that do not require much concentration, but just habit. (Ex. sweeping, wiping windows, washing dishes, pulling weeds, watering flowers, etc.) Since it does not require much concentration, it gives you time to think about things.
Plans for the weekend, your summer, a problem that may need solving (note: to think and consider the problem, not brood over it), or the mysteries of the universe. I'm serious!
It also provides quality time to come up with something that has potential to be a brilliant idea. How many scientists, while washing test tubes and putting away Benson burners, finally thought of a possible candidate for the missing piece to the experiment they were conducting. And, when added, it led to the proving of some revolutionary theory or new medicine? How do you supposed the vacuum was invented? Someone thought, after years and years of sweeping, "There must be a better, more efficient way to do this!" And they set out to find or invent it.

In this world where there is a constant green light, we need to put in some time to just think about things. Consider them. Look at the universe. Put away distractions, go outside, and do something that just so happens to be doubly productive.


And After:

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do,
do it all for the glory of God."
1 Corinthians 10:31


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