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The Pulse Podcast - touching the heart beat of today's generation.

The Pulse is a new podcast that just started this year in South Carolina, run by two youth pastors (Javin Proctor and Brandon Goff) in the Camden-Lugoff area.
Here's a little bit of information from their myspace (www.myspace.com/thepulsepodcast):

"Monthly Javin Proctor and Brandon Goff get together to discuss current events, share how God can change your life, and laugh a lot! This is a podcast experience that can and will help change your life, your attitude and maybe even show people that God is a pretty fun God."

Next, they share a bit about themselves. But I think, at least knowing what I know from being in the youth group under Pastor Javin, and all the nice things I have heard about Brandon from him, that I will try to add on a little bit about them.

Pastor Javin - Lovingly nicknamed PJ. Pastor Javin has served as the youth pastor of High Intensity Student Ministries at Bethel Worship Center in Camden, SC. for 7 years now. His sense of humor (or is it sarcasm?) is positively hilarious. It is said that he has an "unhealthy appetite" for picking on Brandon. He is not just armed with a quick wit, but is overflowing with words of knowledge and advice. He's got a lot to share, and this guy knows what he's talking about.

Pastor Brandon - New to the youth pastor scene. At least...to old guys like PJ he is. He has been a youth pastor of Impact Student Ministries at Highway PH Church in Elgin, SC. for a year now. Apparently there is a debate going on whether or not Brandon looks like an ostrich. Or..there was a poll on it on their site. Pastor Brandon is a fun guy full of new ideas to get this generation on fire for God. Full of laughs and good advice, he does well putting up with Pastor Javin's teasing.

These guys are fantastic. They allow people to send in questions for discussion and bring in people for different perspectives. Not only do they hit on tough issues like abortion, cursing and other things teens deal with daily, but they are able to manage to throw in some smiles.

Click here to listen to their promo.
C'mon, you know you want to check them out.


Javin said...

ahhhhhh! you're such a sweetie!

Brandon Goff said...

Wow. i had no idea this was on here! Thanks! That was awesome! Help spread the word.

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