Have You Ever...

started to cry because something was so beautiful?

sung something you just made up on the spot, and when you try to go back and remember the words you realize that song was made for those moments only?

sat still in silence?

heard the silence?

been scared by it? Not because of something ominous. But because you felt so vulnerable?

wondered why?

put pen to paper before you thought about what you were going to write...and something beautiful came out of it?

dared to stare Holiness in the face?

slept peacefully and deeply without a care in the world?

tried to snap a shutter on a lovely scene, then put the camera aside realizing some views are made for the moment?

seen a stranger and felt compassion for them? Not pity. Compassion?

wanted to hug someone you barely know, but stopped because you were afraid of so many things?

wished you could just get that homeless guy on the the street all he would ever need?

stared out the window in awe of the things around you?

thought you could change the world?

lived in the moment?

Have you ever...?

Happy New Year

A year of new beginnings.

Don't stop dreaming.


Prem-aka-Prince said...

Well now...am I surprised that every one of those got me thinking? lol, the last three were my personal favourites I must say.^^

Prem-aka-Prince said...

oh dear, last four I meant, last four! Haha, there goes me almost sounding like a dispassionate jerk ^^;

Keep Rockin' said...

Wow, that was a nice post. I truly am a lot of those things. Silence... it's an awesome thing to be submerged in. What you wrote does provoke a lot of thinking. I hope you had a merry CHRISTmas and had a great New Years celebration.

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